What is our favorite kid’s carrier for hiking?

Thankfully, we no longer need a full inventory of kids carriers. Due to having generous and adventurous friends, we have tried nearly every backpack kid carrier on the market.

It was too long ago for me to confidently compare and contrast each. I will say, however, that I never found one to love. I could take or leave any of them.

Three or four years ago we were out for a hike with the kids and came across a family with a standing child carrier. The parents looked so happy.

CD was inspired to build one. A few weeks later I got impatient and bought one. The kids are a bit big for it now and we have barely used it during the past year. For whatever reason, Grace asked to use it yesterday. So we did. It was great!

Check it out!

The Piggyback Rider Scout Carrier. The kids can see. My neck and back felt great! As long as the kiddo is awake, this is by far my favorite! Click on the pic above to find out more about the product.

Sprinter DIY
Sprinter DIY

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