Are you looking for a hike in the high country? Colorado Winter Hikes.

Some places are so great that it doesn’t seem right to put them out there on the internet for everyone to see.

Most places are already fully accessible online. They are all likely more crowded than before the internet existed. The crowds are not because of my little blog. In the interest of sharing some great spots, I will start will a great one.

Mayflower Gulch is the sort of hike that you see in magazines or on television. It is picturesque.

It was a weekday afternoon type of hike for us when we lived in Summit County. According to the internet it is a 5.9 mile loop. It didn’t seem that far. The trail head is less than 10 miles towards Leadville from I-70. The road is well traveled.

As with many hikes in the high country, I recommend it in the winter. With snow it is quiet and light. There will likely be a few other people there but they will all be smiling.

Skis with climbing skins, Nordic skis, snow shoes, or boots will all typically work well for this trek. Old mining cabins mark the end of the trail and offer a good place for lunch with a side of inspiration.

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