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  • Camping toilets and accessories


Camp Chef Mountain Series Stryker. We use this with refillable propane bottles. Boils water in less than 2 minutes. CD drinks tea everyday and this is so much easier!

The mom in me again … I asked CD to stop refilling non-refillable tanks. He picked these up and we like them. Everyone is happy! Yah for refillable tanks!

Battery Pack. This has saved us tons of times. We charge it using our solar panel and then plug our cell phones into it.

The titanium sporks are the go-to for us. I have been using the same one for at least 10 years. Easy to clean; Fits in my pocket or purse; durable!

The kids have plastic. CD and I had plastic prior to titanium. We broke them. It is very possible that we were asking much more of them than that which they were intended. The plastic sporks for the kids have worked out fine. The kids each have their favorite color and everyone is happy.

Hydroflask. We each have one! No leaks. No yucky warm tea or gross warm lemonade.

Ursack Bear Bag. CD uses this to keep rodents out while backpacking.

Mosquito head net. Wear over a hat with a brim for best results.


These are the baskets that we use under the part of our bed that folds up. We love these!

3 mm accessory cord. Seriously, CD can use this for anything. Instead of having a nice spool of cord, we have tons of spare pieces of various sizes. CD keeps them all organized somehow!

MAXXFAN. CD installed this himself.

Once the kids understood that they aren’t allowed to open and close the fan repeatedly, we all slept better. We forgot to close it while driving the first day and it seems to have survived just fine.

Feel free to contact us with installation questions. I will gladly pass the questions directly to CD to answer.

If planning a DIY installation, we highly recommend the template by “impactproducts”. This is a small business based out of Hood River, OR. CD can tell you more.

Fits perfectly under the back seat!

Thinsulate. We used 39 linear feet for our Sprinter 144 passenger van. Impact Products again. We love these guys!


Check this out for hiking. It is comfortable, easy to pack, and the kids love it!

It may be the mom in me but there is something so great about dusting the van floor!

All the World – By Liz Garton Scanlon. “Hope and Peace and Love and Trust, All the World is All of Us”


I didn’t get these gloves until 2018. I use them everyday, even in the spring and fall. They are warm but not too warm. They are dry. Be aware that they tend to run small. I ordered the medium first and they were too tight. I could get them on fine but pulling them on and off when they were wet or when my hands were sweaty was too hard. I kept them for my seven year old son and ended up getting the large for myself.

I have the slightly older model of this light. I use it everyday and hardly ever need to charge it. It is quick to release from its bracket and I typically just remove it and stick it in my pocket when I walk into work each day.


Are you looking for a gift for a friend in Oregon? Check this out! We use nearly everyday all winter!

An ice cream ball. I know this sounds crazy. If you are looking for a novelty gift, this may be one to consider. We have used this and love it! We have not used it in the Sprinter but we used it a few times when going boating. We put the ingredients in and took it while exploring with our fishing boat. We met friends for a picnic on a reef and everyone had a bowl of ice cream for dessert. The kids thought it was fun; I thought it was amazing!

Note taking the old fashioned way!



Seriously, this isn’t a joke. We love this product! Here is a brief history of how we came to love it!

Warning: If you are not used to driving through remote wilderness with two young kids that need to go potty, then you may find some of this information uncomfortable.

The right portable toilet and toilet accessories is a topic of great interest for any budget friendly DIY Sprinter conversions. CD and I agreed not to add plumbing to our Sprinter. This meant no toilet and no indoor kitchen.

In terms of toilet solutions, it seems like we have tried it all. Our kids outgrew their training potty somewhere between the midwest and a highway off-ramp in rural Oregon. We felt both lost and excited. It was time for an upgrade.

The first stop on our next road trip was Cabela’s camping section. Portable camping toilets are not only surprisingly pricey but also in high demand. 

It was mid-June and the selection was limited. We bought the Reliance Fold-to-Go. The whole thing folded flat and slid under the kids seat. I admit that this product and I got off on the wrong foot. I pinched my finger on its initial opening. It had three legs that needed to be unfolded and extended for use. If we were parked on a hill or using it on gravel, the toilet was tippy and unbalanced.

Picture a three year old on a three legged potty chair and you can imagine my feelings towards the Fold-to-Go. 

After much discussion and extensive consultation with strangers, we set our sights on the Luggable Loo. Once armed with our new Loo, we started the search for the perfect accessories. By accessories, I don’t mean toilet seat cushions or fancy toilet paper holders, I am referring to bags and powder. 

CD and I have half joked that future generations will be left with little plastic bags of dog poo time capsules. I wasn’t about to contribute to that situation. We jumped right into the world of biodegradable bags. 

These products aren’t terribly cheap and it is certainly in everyone’s best interest to use these products sparingly. With that being said, we also didn’t want to get stuck without a plan when the situation called for a plan! 

Some tips regarding biodegradable bags:

  • They breakdown if they are left in the sun, are wet, or are old. 
  • They work just as well as non-biodegradable bags
  • We use them because they work and we can tolerate ourselves better when using these than when using other bags 

Just to finish off the uncomfortable topic of camping toilets. Don’t forget the Poo Powder! Enjoy!