Best Gift Idea for Friends in the Pacific Northwest.

It rains in the Pacific Northwest and it definitely rains in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. I am from the mid-west but this is not the same as rain in the mid-west. The weather here is devoid of sharp edges; rain comes in slowly and stays. What gift ideas do you have for friends or family that live in the Pacific Northwest?

The number one piece of equipment on which I depend during winter, spring, and fall in western Oregon is not really a piece of equipment at all. It is more of an accessory.

It was packed away in our things for the first year we were here. When CD found it and brought it out, it was as if everything was going to be okay again. At least everything would be less wet again.

It admit that it is a luxury but it is one that use gladly nearly everyday between November and June.

The DryGuy Boot Dryer

Seriously, this was a game changer! I received this as a gift when we lived in the Colorado high country. I never expected it to change my life! Try it. You won’t regret it!

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